Classes and Events

Psychic Development

This course is design to help you rediscover you true abilities. Over the 8 week course we will explore all the different ways to harness your psychic abilities. You will know how you tune in and what form of divination tool if any works best for you.

Mediumship and Channeling

During your classes in Mediumship and Channeling we will discover how to connect to spirits on the other side as well as how to embody the energy of those and objects around us.

Usui Reiki

This course offers three levels to establishing the art of working with universal energy. Reiki is a hand’s on energy healing system, during the course you will learn to work on yourself (level 1). Learn the symbols for Reiki and to work on others (level 2). Final learn to embody the full energy and to teach the course (level 3).
Karuna Ki Reiki

Karuna Ki Reiki is the next generation of energy healing system. This course continues where Usui Reiki left off and adds the element of Ascended Masters. This course is also a three level course and continues to add to the awareness of the student as well as increase the power level of energy being allowed through.


The science of this divination tool has many levels to it and is offered in three stages with three levels in each stage. We offer a beginner, intermediate and advance classes in Astrology.