Classes and Events

Advance Psychic Development

Have you had trouble sleeping at night? Do you feel exhausted even after having 8 hours sleep? Do you travel when you sleep? Have you found yourself day dreaming while at work? During this 6 hour intensive course we will explore the world of remote viewing and lucid dreaming and actively accessing other dimensions and the multiverse. Arthur will show you how to work with and give tools to utilize this in your day to to day life. Investment is $125 lunch and snacks provided.


Advance Psychic Development intensive125.00 USDAdvance Psychic Development intensive
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Join Sandra on Saturday Mornings for open and honest discussions about what it means to be an empath in today’s world. What is the difference between having empathy and being an empath? Why are there so many of us on this planet right now? Why do we have this ability? How do we maneuver in a world with so much pain and fear? We will cover all of these and so much more including tools we can incorporate into our daily lives that allow us to be ourselves and still maneuver the world we live in with Grace and Peace if we so desire. Coffee, tea and pastries will be served.
$10 investment

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Do you feel like your life is going in circles? Like you are a hamster caught on the wheel? The world around us is constantly changing. Would it be cool to kw the rules of the game we are playing? During this 4 hour intensive workshop we will discuss the way to understand the changes that have happened and the way to prepare for the ones to come. Saturday $99 investment

The Awareness Transformation99.00 USDThe Awareness Transformation
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Why J’Avance? J’Avance means “I Am Moving Forward”. It is a statement of intent and self awareness.

Thorough a journey of self-discovery allow Sandra and Arthur to be your guides to awareness in this game we call life. There will be weekly classes with both discussion and tools for implementation each week. We will explore different aspects of life and offer guidance on how to shift your awareness around personal obstacles towards solution.

This Series will be offered as a drop in class for $35.00 a person or take 4 weeks for $100 a savings of $40

J’Avance35.00 USDJ’Avance
J’Avance 4 classes100.00 USDJ’Avance 4 classes
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Listening to Wisdom

Are you feeling stuck in your life right now? Do you have questions about the world that is around you? Do you want answers to your questions? Come join Arthur as we listen to the wisdom of the universe though an open channel. Have a question or two to ask or simple sit back and relax and listen to what part speaks to you. After all we are all listening to wisdom. This weekly two hour event is offered as a drop in class at $35 per person or you can get a 4 class block to be used anytime you want at $100 get your e-ticket her now.

Listening to Wisdom35.00 USDListening to Wisdom
Listeningto wisdom100.00 USDListening to Wisdom 4 class block
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Channeling With the Ascended Masters

Who are the Ascended Masters? What messages do they have for us as individuals and for humanity as a whole? How can we work with them to enrich and heal our lives? Sandra will channel the Masters to find answers to all of these questions and more.  Together we will explore the amazing realm of these Masters and we will work with a different Master each week!  What to expect: an intro to the “Master of the Night”, a discussion of how they choose to work with us and how we can choose to work with them, a few laughs, a bit of play, a brief meditation where introductions are made, connections that can last a lifetime, and we will end with a discussion of your experience in the meditation and steps to build and maintain this relationship into your future. Each section of this ongoing series is broken down into four week segments with breaks between.

Just $35 ‘drop in’ for each night you attend.
Want to attend all 4 nights? Great! You receive a discount! $100 ($25 per night)
Week one, (Feb 4th 2020) we will be working with the Ascended Master Kuan Yin 7-9 pm

Week two,((Feb 11th 2020) we will be working with the Ascended Master El Moria 7-9 pm

Week three, ((Feb 18th 2020) we will be working with Ascended Master Sanat Kumara 7-9 pm

Week four, ((Feb  25th 2020) we will be working with Ascended Master Vesta 7-9 pm

Channeling With the Ascended Masters35.00 USDChanneling With the Ascended Masters
Channeling With the Ascended Masters100.00 USDChanneling With the Ascended Masters 4 class block
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The Art of Manifesting With Arthur

Do you desire to create the life you always imagined? Can you see yourself as happy, healthy and prosperous? During this 4 week course we will have a discourse on the art of manifestation. I will lead you on the path to understanding practices to help bring your heart’s desire into being. I will share with you how to become in harmony with your world and how to create the world you desire.  7-9 pm

4 Class Series

The Art of Manifesting100.00 USDThe Art of Manifesting 4 classes
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Drop in class

The Art of Manifesting35.00 USDThe Art of Manifesting
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Mediumship and Channeling

During your classes in Mediumship and Channeling we will discover how to connect to spirits on the other side as well as how to embody the energy of those and objects around us.

all day intensive class 10-6

Mediumship and Channeling Intensive Class150.00 USDMediumship and Channeling Intensive Class
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Usui Reiki

This course offers three levels to establishing the art of working with universal energy. Reiki is a hand’s on energy healing system, during the course you will learn to work on yourself (level 1). Learn the symbols for Reiki and to work on others (level 2). Final learn to embody the full energy and to teach the course (level 3).

Level one class 10-6

Reiki Level One150.00 USDReiki Level One
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Level two Class  10-6

Reiki Level Two275.00 USDReiki Level Two
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Level three Master\Teacher Class  10:30-6:30 11:00-5:00

Reiki Level Three500.00 USDReiki Level Three master\Teacher
Reiki level three deposit250.00 USDReiki Level Three Deposit
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Seven Rays: Healing with the Ascended Masters

This is ancient, yet cutting edge technology within Energy Medicine. With the Seven Rays you have access to seven of the Divine Healing Rays that have specific applications and affects to the human condition. Sandra uses the Rays during individual sessions to target specific physical, mental or emotional issues that can benefit from the presence of the Rays and/or the Ascended Masters that facilitate these Rays, often with astounding results. As with all healing, these Rays come directly from God, and then move through the Temple of the Ascended Masters. At that point the Ray and the Ascended Master come down to and through the earthly healing facilitator, where the energy is then applied to an individual. An intense and strong connection to all the Ascended Masters is part of being a Seven Rays facilitator, expanding an existing relationship (according to those who have attended a workshop), or creating one for you. Sandra’s connection to those non-physical beings was expanded in such a way that she now has access to them in her day to day life, not just when she is ‘in session.’ With the same daily use you can to!

During these workshops you will experience:

A guided journey to Meet the Masters (A life altering event!)
Discover, cleanse and strengthen your Soul Star and chakra system
A journey to Atlantis where you will meet with your own Ascended ‘team’
Receive the vibrational change to the frequency of the Ascended Masters where you are a vessel for the Rays (this is not a ‘learned’ modality, but an ability that is transferred from teacher to student)
Extensive practice time with the other workshop members
Once you have taken these journey’s to the Masters and Atlantis you will be able to go again any time you choose for you will know the way. Sandra has recorded versions of these meditative journeys on CD (from Patricia Squires herself) so you can use them as a guide, or you can use your own memory. After the workshop you will also be able to apply the Rays to yourself or anyone else that you choose to work with, creating greater health, wealth and happiness. You will also have a dynamic and tangible relationship with the Ascended Masters that you may call upon at any time. Use of the Rays and working with the Ascended Masters will transform your life in ways you have only dreamed of in the past. Veterans of the healing arts and seekers of ascension have found that this is a new level of existence. Manual, practitioner certificate, practice time, lunch and follow up guidance included. Please contact Sandra and let her know if you have any specific food sensitivities.

Practitioner Workshop fee is $225

Saturday  10:00-6:00

Seven Rays225.00 USDSeven Rays; Healing with the Ascended Masters
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Karuna Ki Reiki

Karuna Ki Reiki is the next generation of energy healing system. This course continues where Usui Reiki left off and adds the element of Ascended Masters. This course is also a three level course and continues to add to the awareness of the student as well as increase the power level of energy being allowed through.


The science of this divination tool has many levels to it and is offered in three stages with three levels in each stage. We offer a beginner, intermediate and advance classes in Astrology.