Life Coach

As an Germantown Life Coach I work with many people to get them to understand the patterns they have and how to change them. Most people choose in life to be the victim of the circumstances of their lives. They do not understand how they have created the outcome of what they are dealing with. Life Coaching helps you to see the truth behind the illusion you have created. To help those who need to be reminded of who they really are and guide them to the tools that are available for them to truly be happy with their life. Some people are unsure what Life Coaching is all about. They want to know how it can help them in their day to day lives. This is where I come in. My name is Arthur Fretwell and I am an Atlanta Life Coach.

To me Life Coaching is all about bringing the person to awareness. This can be accomplished by showing them that the situations going on in their inner world are also being represented to them by interactions in their outer world. That is to say, if you want to know why your life seems to be a mess first step is to look in the mirror of reflections being provided.

Most people believe life coaching is like therapy. I do believe it has some therapeutic elements to it but is not therapy. In my practice I like the client to be heard, this practice gives them some place to let go of the emotions that are tied up in their body. Once this is accomplished through the use of my intuitive abilities I can help eliminate the need to repeat “the story”. This supports them in getting out of the drama. Through the various Life Coaching tools I use we can get to the heart of the matter together.

After the person is heard the next step is to take them deep inside to find the heart and soul of the issue at hand. Once this is accomplished the next process is to come up with a solution that has real and tangible tools for the person to use. Finally, the last step is to support the person in learning to use the tools and solutions given. In Life Coaching I do my best to only teach what I follow and know to work or tools I am currently in the process of using myself while achieving results. Using the tools given in our coaching sessions and consciously making an effort to change, real progress and shifts can happen for anyone. I invite you to take advantage to this wonderful service to get yourself clear. Get out of your head and feel what you have been carrying around with you for years. Bring yourself to awareness by letting go of what you no longer need. You deserve to be happy setup a Life Coaching session today.

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