Psychic Medium

Germantown Psychic Medium Arthur Fretwell has been speaking with spirit for as long as he can remember. I have to utilize all of my abilities to allow me to understand what is being brought through. Once the connection to spirit is made, they will usually start by showing me how they passed. This can come in the form of feeling the physical symptoms of their passing.

Sometimes it will come in the form of a movie in my head of what occurred in their life and death.The simplest way is that they simply tell me themselves- in their own words who they are and how they know you.

Once I connect with the spirit, I am often told that I mimic some of the mannerisms of the person who crossed over. That is to say, I speak or act like they did in life. After they have told me how they died, they then give me a description of their appearance. I then give this information to the client and once the identity of the spirit is established the spirit can give me any messages they would like to pass on to the client.

Over my many years of serving as a medium in Atlanta, the question that is asked most often is how the person on the other side is doing. The answer is almost always the same; they are in a state of bliss. Mostly they we tell me that they can see us and what we are doing therefore, they are not missing us in the same way that we miss them.

Some of the information given to me comes in different ways. Spirit will fully utilize all of my potential options as a way of getting information across. Sometimes it will come as a smell of their favorite cologne or perfume they wore, while other times it is a scene from their favorite television show. Often it will be a combination of their words being said to you so you know it is them.

After both of my parents crossed over I took comfort in the way they continued to express themselves to me. This ability I consider one of my truest gifts for it is one I can utilize even for myself on a day when I need to know the comfort of a loved one. In any case, I am likely to connect with them in a way that you may have not been unable to connect with them up to this point. I look forward to sharing this experience with you and have a clearer understanding of the special connection to those loved one who can no longer be seen.

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