Psychic Readings

The first professional psychic readings I ever did were in Atlanta and I am Now in Germantown, Maryland Area to help those I can here. After a friend of mine had got me to go to a Mediumship class with her, a class that is was able to take free of charge because she only attend the first class and then moved to another state. I found myself attending classes for things I had been doing my whole life but did not know that was what I was doing. The School I was attending offered to a select few students to do a student psychic fair to test our skills as a reader. I accepted to do the student fair and got rave reviews, so much so that the owner of the school asked me to work the real fair. I again agreed and got a great review and a lot of people interested in me to do readings for them. This lead to being hired to work for the school to do psychic readings. Through this I have had the privilege to work with many wonderful teachers throughout the years of my practice. I consider myself to be more of an intuitive. I found that unlike many other readers I preferred not to use any tools for my psychic readings.

Well, that is not complete true. I do use myself as the tool. I work with the energy that is in and around the client and the area of their life they are asking about. In today’s world you want to know there is help for all those who ask for it. Here in Germantown, Maryland as well as all across the country I do my best to offer solutions to those seeking answers.

When a person comes in for a session, what they can typically expect is for me to only ask a few key questions. Questions such as their birth name and the subject they want to focus on and then the reading begins. I do not believe that you should give me a lot of background information. I find this does more harm than good as it can influence my perspective. All of the information I need is provided to me from my guides and your guides as well as is our combined higher selves. This way the information is just that information and not in any way clouded by perceptions.

Before continuing on to the next subject, I will ask you if you need further clarity on the current subject. Once the first subject is out of the way we will continue to your next area of life you would like to focus on. A typical initial psychic reading lasts about an hour with the follow up session being around thirty minutes. Some people are unsure when to come in for follow up readings. The answer with this varies from person to person; some clients come only once a quarter while others once a month and others every week. It all depends on what you are looking at and how your choices impact your life. So when you are in Germantown and need to know where life is pointing you give me a call. I promise you will be astounded by the message I have for you.

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