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usuireikisymbolsUSUI REIKI

Usui Reiki Translates to Universal Life Force Energy. The Reiki practitioner places their hands on various locations of a person’s body to help facilitate the balancing and healing of the emotional body. Reiki originates in Japan under Dr. Mikao Usui and it is still used in the hospitals in Japan daily.

Why would one choose to receive Reiki?

The difference between Reiki and other energy practices is that Reiki contains sacred symbols embedded in hundreds of years of ritual and protection. Reiki is often compared to the traditional ‘laying of hands’ that is spoken of in the Bible.

What to expect when receiving Reiki?

Generally the client feels extremely calm and comfortable. The practitioner should be able to provide a sacred and nurturing environment in which the client feels incredibly safe receiving this energy. When giving Reiki, the practitioner becomes a clear and open channel from Spirit into the recipient. Reiki helps to balance the energetic body and allows the client to release old patterns and pains in a way that can be replaced with love and light. Some people experience flashes of color, tears, laughter or simple comfort. Depending on the situation in which you are receiving this energy will tell the depth of what you might feel.

Karuna Ki

The word Karuna translates to “compassion” in Sanskrit. Karuna Ki encompasses an even higher level of Reiki energy. I consider this to be Usui Reiki exploded. It is more powerful and contains more symbols in its tradition. This can be used to clear past life traumas, illness, and emotional blockages as well as much, much more.

Seven Rays

Seven Rays is an ancient and now reappraised energy healing system like no other. With the Seven Rays you have access to seven of the Divine Healing Rays that have specific applications and affects to the human condition. Arthur utilizes the Rays during his session work to target specific physical, mental or emotional issues. The Ascended Masters that facilitate these Rays offer much benefit from the presence of the Rays, often with astounding results.

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