Professional Germantown Astrologer Arthur Fretwell has found that many of life’s difficult questions can easily be answered through Astrology. Astrology is the study of the planets and how your energy and theirs interact. By knowing your Astrological chart you have a blue print of your psychological makeup. This along with the charts of your friends or relatives can be used to show both compatibilities as well as what interactions are most positive together.

When a person first comes to me for an Astrology reading we will look at their Natal chart. This is the chart of when you were born, the key information need for this chart’s greatest accuracy is your exact time, place, and date of you birth. Once this information is know the birth chart is made and read by the Astrologer. All of the person’s attributes as well as challenges in life can be understood from the reading of this chart.

Next we would look at the Transits chart around the Natal chart. A Transit chart is the placement of the planets as they are currently. By looking at this configuration we can see what effect the current planets are having on a person as well as how to watch out or take advantage of these effects. With Transit chats information, an astrologer can predict when certain events will happen in the client’s life based on when the current planets make an aspect to those of the Natal Chart.

Finally most people want to know the effects of how they match up with someone or what drew them together. Astrology can tell us the answers to this through a chart comparison called synastry. The use of this comparison can help to find out how well two or more people can work together in a business or relationship.

The other type of chart used in relationship is called a Composite chart. This is a chart where both people information is combined to form one chart. This chart is the chart of the relationship showing the effect of the relationship as well as its challenges.

An initial Astrology reading will last between sixty to ninety minutes. It will encompass that Natal chart interpretation as well as at least one of the above added elements. Any questions you have pertaining to your Natal chart will be answered in this session. I look forward to helping you understand yourself and those around you better through the science of Astrology.

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