Seven Rays

What are the Seven Rays

The Seven Rays are Infinite Energy System for bring forth harmony and perfect health. The system is based on a very simple, but powerful concept. It is known that everything runs on energy. All three system we use our bodies, minds and emotions all run on energy. Health and well-being of life in all of its aspects, depends on balanced energy. Physical and emotional symptoms are the manifestation of an imbalanced energy.

The Seven Rays correspond to the different systems of the body and their functions. Both thoughts and emotions are found to vibrate at a relatively light rate of energy. The physical organs operate at a more dense rate of energy.

The Seven Rays are a highly diversified energy system with a wide range in its healing capacity. Each of the rays has a large range of sub-frequencies that it can operate at with a certain energetic force. This is why each ray is divinely designed for restoring and rejuvenating a particular organ or process brings forth balance in that system.

The Seven Rays are a pure balanced energy. Their harmonics are the expression of divine balanced order. When a Seven Ray healing practitioner applies the appropriate rays to a specific condition of the physical or emotional body, balance and vitality are restored.

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