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As the vice president of an international import/export company, I have been fortunate to travel most of the United States and many parts of the world. In 35 years I have consulted with psychics, shamans, mediums and healers everywhere that I have traveled. I have talked to many that you have probably heard of, as they are very popular. Some even charge $500.00 for a session. I have found that most are good at telling you what has happened in your past. Some are good at telling you what is going on in the present. But I found NO ONE that was able to tell me what would happen in the future. That is until I found Arthur.

I have now been working with Arthur for 4 years and have found his advice and skills to be the best anywhere in the world. He has given me advice on my family, friends and business. He has done energy work that has helped me with a problem I was experiencing in my body. And he has become a trusted friend.

I have referred over 20 friends to Arthur and none has been disappointed. He helped one friend out of a debilitating and chronic illness. Another was very happy to learn that, as Arthur had predicted, her husband, who had filed for divorce, had lied and was hiding money. He told her where to find it and her attorney did. He has helped several change their lives in a positive way.

Arthur is very straight forward and will “tell you like it is”. And he won’t tell you something he doesn’t know, which is very rare. He and his guides have a wonderful sense of humor and use it often. You will find that whatever you are seeking you will find with Arthur.

Bobbie Sasser

I first had the pleasure of meeting Arthur at a séance over two years ago. My eldest daughter, Rachael, died four years ago and when my other two daughters and I arrived late, it was a matter of five minutes before he was talking to her. Closely following this experience, I had one class with Arthur as our teacher and then some where he was also a student. Very quickly I signed up for more classes. I have taken friends to him for readings, which have proven to be very accurate with information passed on in a very loving manner. Arthur was also a Minister at the Temple that I attended for some time before he moved away. I would like to highly recommend Arthur in all his capacities. I have never met anyone quite like him, nor do I believe I ever will. He is a wonderful person with great love, energy and compassion. A hug from Arthur is like no other. I am happy to think of him as my friend.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Catherine B.

Arthur…. Is accurate and always right on target…sometimes spirts time and my time are different…but in the end what Arthur tells you shows up. He combines his psychic abilities, his understanding of astrology, and all the other healing energies when he tunes in for you getting the info you need…..$$…Has helped me on financial issues…$$$ All my family is on the other side and Arthur has helped me reconnect with them….FYI..His business readings are great right on target about clients and $$$$….THANK YOU for all your help….

Ann Higgins

I was introduced to Arthur by my friend Bobbie Sasser. There is so much to say about how Arthur has affected my life, I believe the only way to share the story is from the beginning.

For 10 years, my focus in life was my career. Not what I wanted to achieve, but how I was to achieve it. I was consumed with my path, and had my priorities all messed up. Career, volunteer work, household, husband – I didn’t even rank in the top 3, nor did my mate. It took having to be on disability, and not working due to severe health issues, to make me realize I needed help. I’ve always believe that one cannot be truly healthy unless both the body and spirit are healthy. I lost my way spiritually and due to the stress I put on myself, the universe bopped me upside the head (or back actually) and said – Wake up Kasie.

I can honestly say that I am where I am today because of Arthur. I spent many, many hours with him, healing my soul and body. Helping me to realize what was driving my behavior/thoughts and actions. I am back at work, having learned the power of attraction am in the role I envisioned, and continue to work with Arthur as my coach. I’ve called him my spiritual therapist, healer and now life coach. He keeps me grounded, and knows far too much for my own good – just kidding. 🙂

I truly believe there are gifted individuals in this world, who are in tune with what lays beyond this plane of existence. Arthur is one of those individuals. He is open to the counsel of guides, has remarkable insight – and added information that the rest of us don’t have. He keeps you in check – calls your bull*&#% and is a tremendous grounding force in my life.

I cannot recommend him highly enough. I am blessed to know him, to have him in my life – keeping me on track.

Kasie Scott Palmer


Thank you once again for your amazing gifts and talents. I found the titles to both cars right where you saw them! You saved me a lot of time and frustration not to mention money. Your gift of locating lost items is amazing! I’m so grateful that you have this very useful tool.

Thank you for being such a clear channel for my guides to come through with their messages of love, support and direction. It was just what I needed to hear and feel to get my life back on a smooth course. It was a great reminder that even psychics need to ask for and allow help from others.

I am so grateful to have you in my life.

Sharla Rae

When Arthur found me he said that all he saw was love and intelligence, but I had such a deep feeling of self-loathing that I found it difficult to believe those words. I knew he came into my life for a reason. He came to help me. I tried all kinds of “fixes” which I thought would make me a beautiful, confident, bright person. These “fixes” were all very superficial. I also thought someone else could make me happy. He told me that all of those qualities I wanted and more were within me, but because I didn’t love me I would not become the person I wanted to become. We did several sessions, and the more Arthur worked with me the more balance and joy came into my life. The funny thing about Arthur and I is that when I was feeling a little imbalanced I would think of him (naturally), and that same day or the next day he would send me a text or a call asking me how I was doing. He is that connected to his clients.

I have a lot of nervous energy. I wasn’t sure I could trust in this process, but once I let go things happened. He took me back to past eras where I had the strength I felt was in me, but I could never tap into. I felt the power and energy that belonged to me. I now listen to myself…..and those who are guiding me. Arthur is a true healer. He has changed my life. I don’t look for happiness. I have it. He was right. I am love and intelligence, and much, much more.

D. Major

Arthur has worked on me for over two years using a combination of Reiki and massage. Not only is his massage effective at addressing the aches and pains that come with a physically demanding job, but I also train at an intense level in the gym. He uses Reiki to treat problem areas of the body (like my knees and shoulder) as well as the mind. A session with him leaves me both mentally and physically refreshed. I feel his use of Reiki re-balances my mind and soothes my rough edges. I am a worrier and tend to question myself, and the Reiki sessions help clear out the worry and doubt and allow me to see issues in focus and with less anxiety. He also used Reiki to help rid me of feelings for a person I dated years prior, but still thought about frequently. I didn’t want the thoughts of my ex, but they kept coming up, I described them as an “Infection in my brain”. Once I told him I truly wanted them gone and had no desire to focus on the past, within 2 sessions the thoughts were gone. They have never returned. This is the story I always tell when someone asks me what I think about Reiki. I think it can do great things, especially when done by the right person. Someone with skill, training, and good intent. Someone like Arthur.

Monica M.

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